Addis Ride It is only 14 megabyte Download Addis Ride Download our app from playstore and join us now! A fast, cheap and trustworthy ride service in addis ababa, ethiopia. Addis Ride

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The fast, affordable way to a ride.

The fast ,efficient and fair priced service we provide makes us unique, accurate ,time saving and customer oriented communication is our quality.

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Addis Ride

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Safe and convenient

 Addis Ride provides fast and secured address confirmation and allows you keep on track of the driver with real -time location updates

Always there for you

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority as such we don’t follow work and let it go kind of strategy. we actively engage customers voice to make us have smooth long term partnership

Low commission rate

Addis drivers earn more thanks to lower commission rates.

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Are you planning to work with a best riding service networks in Addis ababa , Addis drive is a choice of confident drivers. working with addis drive will make you feel proud of your job. just get this app and join efficient and profitable network .


Designed for all devices and lightweight app

Our driver and rider app is small in size and almost available to all android devices, coming soon on app store!

It haves live chat when you are connected with the driver.

You can search for places using your voice

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